Welcome to my Blog

To those that have made it this far, I commend you on giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts, opinions, and (on occasion) eccentric beliefs about anything and everything of importance in my life.  The blog concept has long motivated me to write, however the lack of vision or direction often hindered my ability to do so.  However, as is the case with many blogs, I do have several areas in which I focus much of my attention and devote enthusiasm as well as passion, and it is THOSE areas which I intend on writing about.

I devote much of my time to following my favorite sports teams, through thick and thin, and while my girlfriend might not fully appreciate the amount of resources I devote to not only watching sports and participating in fantasy sports, it acts as my catharsis for the stressful events of my life. Primarily I will dedicate much of my blog towards my favorite sports teams, but will also focus my attention towards the other blissful events in my life.  The difference that I hope to achieve in writing about sports is to maintain my particular writing style.

In addition to sports, I am an avid food and drink enthusiast.  Dining out has always maintained a high level of personal appeal despite the cost.  Regardless of this particular hurdle, I find myself consistently dining out at different restaurants and trying new and unique cuisines coupled with personal favorites at familiar establishments.  Having worked in the food industry, I understand that the meal that a customer orders only satisfies a small portion of his or her hunger.  Customer service, cleanliness, and overall decor accentuate the true purpose of dining out.  When I frequent a Mexican restaurant, the last thing I want to hear playing on the Muzak radio station is Too Fast For Love by Mötley Crüe, despite the personal appeal of that particular album.

My hope is give anyone and everyone that reads my blog, no matter how few or many people, a fresh and unique perspective into one man’s passions.  While some of my opinions regarding a particular sports team, dish, or movie might be shared by others, it is my utmost desire to make them unique.


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